Experiment #5

The historical regions of Georgia – Tusheti and Khevsureti – are located in the Central Caucasus Range. For hundreds of years these regions have been keeping the drawings of secret content carved on stones. The carved stones were embedded in the fortresses and houses. These drawings were carved on stones some thousands years ago. 

Similar depictions have been revealed in Russia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Africa, South and North Americas…Therefore, deciphering of these depictions is very important because the disclosure of ,,keys” to the drawing system will enable to disclose the secret content of analogue drawings existing worldwide. 


On the basis of the drawings given on the stone found in Georgia author succeeded to adjust an antenna and installed it on the roof of a house in Tbilisi. This antenna has shown the receiving ability, has received all TV channels transmitted in Tbilisi with the high quality image. 

See the book ''THE HEAVEN EXPRESS''.



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